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Belve Marnik

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word [May. 26th, 2003|09:37 pm]
Belve Marnik
[mood |no]
[music |no]

ok, so its like this.....my time is coming...i had this dream last night where i was dead. I guess i was kind of like a zombie/ghost type thing, there was some chick there...i cant even remember what she looked like at all, i guess it doesnt matter. i joined a dead poets society...literally a place for dead people to read poetry, and no, ive never seen that movie, i dont even know what its about....anyhow.....im watching surf girls for some reason....im slowly trying to figure myself out, but pain keeps pushing itself forward...i dreamed because i havent been smoking weed, or even really drinking too much...taking pills yes, but im in real pain...or so i think i am, maybe i have no idea what real pain is, maybe someday i will, im so scattered....sims superstar....why sims why not real life, not making any sense....grand buffet....oh my god youre weird....peace