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Belve Marnik

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lullaby [Jul. 27th, 2003|09:13 pm]
Belve Marnik
[mood |okay]
[music |audioslave - seven nation army]

hello. back from vacation....interesting shit...saw a lot of friends, got to see one of my really good friends who has been having some tough times...i hope he comes out healthy in the end of all this, if not i dont know....i went to lollapalooza, QOTSA fucking rocked...j5 was incredible, audioslave was amazing, covered seven nation army, incubus was pretty good...i think that was my 5th time seeing them the highlight of the incubus set had to have been them jammuing out and playing lionel ritchies "hello", janes was good although the only janes addiction so i really love is nothings shocking, the new song is definately better live than the recorded version, the recorded one is too bland in my opinion...but nothings shocking..mmmm rock....saw family and friends on saturday...lots of family and friends there were probably like 50 people at my parents house...im a tweak though...i hate anxiety attacks...im sore....i need to find a new job right now...i want to erase all the things that cause me stress in my life...and my job is #1 right now...you know like i dont care whos wrong or right i dont really wanna fight no more? or some shit...anyhow there is how my brain works i hope all of you who see this could make sense of it.